School of YouTube

Company: Comic ReliefYouTube

Date: April – September 2014

Role: Producer/Director

Location: UK


Since 1985, Comic Relief have raised over nearly £1 billion for charity projects around the world, primarily through TV – creating entertaining content with celebrity involvement. Since 2006, YouTube has been revolutionising media consumption, creating a new type of celebrity who forge a connection with their followers in a uniquely personal form.

Working directly with YouTube, we created School of YouTube – a week of content from top YouTube creators both in the UK and US, where they learn and laugh, and encourage their fans to give what they can to support educational causes in the developing world. I managed the productions and production support of videos, budgeting and creator outreach. In total the week had over 11.5 million views from 37 videos.

Here is a playlist of all videos created for the week: