Largest LEGO Tower in the world

Company: Synaptic Digital

Date: May 2012

Role: Producer/Director/Editor

Location: Seoul, South Korea


Helped set a world record with LEGO. I shot interviews and b-roll that was then distributed via I also edited a social media package for online usage.

  • 2 ENG crews
  • Series of pre-record interviews throughout the day
  • Filmed b-roll & timelapse

WORLD RECORD LEGO® TOWER. In celebration of LEGO Group’s 80th birthday, LEGO Korea have built a tower to beat the previous 31.6m record set in France. Armed with over 500,000 bricks, 4,000 children contest winners and 5 days of building time, the event has attracted more than 50,000 visitors. The build took place outside the Olympic City stadium of Seoul, Korea. The Crown Prince of Denmark placed the last record breaking brick on Sunday evening to the tower that reached 31.9m.

Oh and I put a brick in too.

Here is one of the edited packages:

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